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Perry County Sheriff's Office

Perry County Tennessee Sheriff's Office

State of Tennessee Offers Background Checks

The local PSCO only performs background checks on someone in Perry County.  However, you can request a background check directly from the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) for the State of Tennessee.  Nationwide you can check on yourself from IdentoGO, an approved FBI Channeler.  IdentoGO Centers can securely capture and transmit your individual information to the FBI and safely allow you to access your Federal background check results.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation offers the general public and qualified organizations criminal background checks. Each has its own scope, rules, and process, so please review the following information carefully.  

General Public

Tennessee Only


TBI allows the general public to obtain a Tennessee adult criminal history on any individual. The process may be completed online or by mail.  

FBI Only (Nationwide)

The FBI allows members of the general public to obtain their own criminal history for record or review. However, these background checks cannot be used for employment or licensing. Click the vendor link below for more information or call 1 (877) 783-4187.