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Perry County Sheriff's Office

PC Deputies Receiving Most Up-to-Date Training

  • Sgt. Andrew CobbPerry County Sheriff's OfficeSpecial to the REVIEW, June 15, 2022

Most of the deputies who received training have been able to go without additional cost to the office or taxpayers due to receiving a grant from the State.

Two Deputies Received Additional Specialty Training

Deputy Shaun Evans attended the TLETA's Emergency Vehicle Instructor's course. This course will certify Deputy Evans to instruct training at the office that will reduce accidents that cost taxpayers and the office additional money in vehicle repairs, allowing better maintenance of the fleet and reducing liability to the department and county as a whole. This training will help our deputies be more aware of current laws, regulations, and safety concerns they face daily.

Sergeant Charlie Jones also recently completed the TLETA Firearms Instructor's course. This course will allow Sgt. Jones to provide safe and effective firearms and use of force training to our deputies.
This training will also reduce liability and will better train our deputies to property use and work with the tools that we provide them to protect themselves and others, as well as hopefully eliminate any excessive force complaints.

Sgt. Jones' and Deputy Evans' commitment to improve and accept greater responsibility demonstrates the values we hope to instill in our deputies as we strive to provide the citizens of the county with the best trained department that the county has ever had.

Field Sobriety Testing and Drug Interdiction Training

In addition to Sgt. Jones and Deputy Evans, the office has sent three more deputies to receive training in Field Sobriety Testing and Drug Interdiction.

This training, also free of charge to the department, will benefit the deputies by teaching them the current laws and practices of apprehending suspected impaired drivers and seizing contraband.

Additionally, the office has hosted training from a nationally-recognized provider to offer three deputies advanced marksmanship training at no cost to the department, and has scheduled additional use of force training for deputies to administer NARCAN, used to save lives, all at no cost to taxpayers.

In addition to the training that we have offered our deputies, they are also required to complete 40 hours of in-service yearly training approved by the P.O.S.T. Commission, as well as scheduling and providing some form of tactical training, physical conditioning, or warrant service training, usually monthly, depending on staff or coverage needs.