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Perry County Sheriff's Office

Advanced Correctional Healthcare

Healthcare for inmates is mandatory by law, and is not only the socially correct thing to do, it's mandatory.  When someone loses their right to freedom, and are incarcerated in prisons, jails and other correctional facilities, we, society, have taken on the duty for their safety through arrest and incarceration.

Both Officers and Jailers Must Know Their Duty to Health Care for Those Under Their Control

Healthcare services in the jail are provided by Advanced Correctional Healthcare, under contract to the Perry County Sheriff's Office.  The inmates see the staff nurse upon admission to the jail, who will perform an initial screening.  It was announced on April 21, 2021, Advanced Correctional Healthcare, largest jail healthcare provider in US, is changing location to Franklin, Tenn.

Receiving screening shall be performed on all inmates upon admission to the facility and before placement in the general population.  The findings shall be recorded on a printed screening form.  The officer performing this duty shall check for:

  1. A serious illness;
  2. A comatose state;
  3. Obvious wounds;
  4. Prescribed medications; and
  5. Suicide risk assessment, including suicidal ideation or history of suicidal behavior or other mental health illness.

A more complete examination shall be completed on inmates within fourteen days of the inmate's initial confinement date.  This examination shall be performed by a physician or a person who has been designated by a physician as capable of performing such examination.  If a designee performs the examination, he/she must do so under supervision of a physician and with a protocol or set of instructions and guidelines from the physician.  This examination shall include:

  • Inquiry into current illness and health problems, including those specific to women;
  • Inquiry into medications taken and special health requirements;
  • Screening of other health problems designated by the responsible physician;
  • Behavioral observation, including state of consciousness and mental status;
  • Notification of body deformities, trauma markings, bruises, lesions, jaundice, east of movement, etc;
  • Condition of skin and body orifices, including rashes and infestations;
  • Disposition referral of inmates to qualified medical personnel on an emergency basis;
  • A review of the initial intake receiving screening; and,
  • An individual treatment plan as appropriate.

All intersystem transfer inmates (transferred from one confinement facility to another within the same county's jurisdiction) shall receive a health screening by trained or qualified health care personnel, which commences on their arrival at the facility.  All findings are recorded on a screening form approved by the health authority.,  At a minimum, the screening include the following:

  1. A review of the inmate's medical, dental, and mental health problems;
  2. Current medications; and,
  3. Current treatment plan.

Sick call, conducted by a physician or other person designated by a physician as capable of performing such duty, shall be available to each inmate according to written procedure for sick call.  The inmate shall be informed of these procedures, including any copayment requirements, as well as procedures for submitting grievances, upon admission.

At the current time, if an inmate needs to have emergency medical attention, they are transported to Lexington, to the Henderson County Hospital.  Inmates are the ward of the Perry County Jail, and as such it is the responsibility of the Perry County Sheriff's Office to make sure their health care needs are met... by law.