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PCSO Deputies

 Jimmy Alan Andrews

Jimmy Alan Andrews,

 Deputy Jimbo Capps

 Jimbo Capps,
School Resource Officer

 daniel courter

Daniel Courter,


 allen daniel

Allen Daniel

 Deputy Joe Donaldson

Joe Donaldson,
School Resource Officer

 josh duke

Josh Duke 


 Shaun Evans

Shawn Evans

 Officer Orion sniffing for drugs

Deputy Orion, Narcotics

 Bill McClain

Bill McClain,
School Resource Officer


 curtis mercer

Curtis Mercer,
Criminal Investigator

  Deputy Randy Powell

 Randy Powell

 Matt Votaw

Matt Votaw,
School Resource Officer and Investigator


 Kirk Wood

Kirk Wood,
Narcotics Investigator

 Deputy Mike Stockstill

Mike Stockstill,
K-9 Team and Narcotics Investigator

 Deputy Parker Bates

Parker Bates


 Alex Crowe

Alex Crowe

  James Sharpe

 James Sharpe,
Court Bailiff

 Matt Votaw

Rob Weems,
Courthouse Security