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Perry County Sheriff's Office

Retired and In Memorium

 We have lost a few members of staff recently, and we want to acknowledge their absence with a photo (hopefully) and a brief bio (definitely).

James Sharpe

Officer James Sharpe was the courtroom bailiff at Perry County Courthouse, and you would always get a warm greeting by James.  He was a fine member of the Perry County Sheriff's Office, and was held him in high regard by all who knew him.  He is greatly missed at the Courthouse, and by the residents of Perry County who knew him personally.

You can find the full obituary at the following link:  YOUNG FUNERAL HOME



Ms. Hunny Thomas, retired, could always be found at the front desk, where visitors and staff alike would enter the jail.  Now she is retired, and has been missed. (There is a separate entrance for residents of the Perry County Jail.)  

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