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Perry County Sheriff's Office

PCSO Drug Officer Orion Found Something!

Officer Orion and Deputy Stockstill

K-9 Unit

Officer Mike Stockstill and Officer OrionOfficer Mike Stockstill is a specialized law enforcement officer that works closely with Orion, the PCSO drug dog. Orion is a yellow lab who has proven to be the most valuable tool against drugs in Perry County.  He is not trained as an attack dog, but strictly to sniff out drugs in the smallest amounts, the size of a grain of rice, even from the most impossible places you can imagine.  How, you ask.  Certain breeds, including labs, have a very long snout which means they are more sensory turbinate than some other breeds.  And the proof is in the pudding, as they say, since he has an outstanding record in the short time he has been here.

He is used to conduct building searches, area searches and any other type activities that can utilize their special abilities. Orion and Deputy Stockstill have had training to conduct narcotics searches for the above units as well. As a narcotics detector dog, Orion is responsible for assisting with narcotics search warrants in hundreds of search warrants each year.  In fact, in just the first five months of 2021, Orion has assisted in 68 misdemeanors and 19 felonies.  

Officer Orion is a narcotics detector dog used to search out current narcotics storage and transportation trends, and then to locate the hidden drugs using his highly developed sense of smell and skills. Mini-Storage units, airports, interstate interdiction, hotel/motel parking lots, and parcel package delivery services are but a few of the areas targeted successfully by the canine team of Deputy Stockstill and Officer Orion.

Orion, a beautiful Golden Labrador Retriever, lives with with Deputy Stockstill.  A Labrador is a wonderful family dog choice, and makes a great working dog.  He goes where the family goes. Labs are an extremely friendly, family oriented breed, who in this case has had specialized training.  When Deputy Stockstill began his time with Orion, they both went through a month-long rigorous training together to bond and become the drug team for the PCSO.  Since they began formally working together, Orion and Deputy  Stockstill are credited with bringing down four of the biggest drug dealers in Perry County in February of 2022.  

Orion is available for demonstrations for scout troops, school functions and other community gatherings, but not something like a birthday party.  When you see Orion, ask his handler, Officer Stockstill, first if it's okay to pet him.  And it will be fine to do so, if he's not working.  Call the Perry County Sheriff's Office for more information.