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Investigator Job Description

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To provide the job description for criminal investigators in the Perry County Sheriff's Office (PCSO).


  • The Criminal Investigator shall be responsible for the investigation of all crimes and other offenses within his/her jurisdiction, or specifically assigned to him/her.  Ordinary hours shall be established by the Chief Deputy.
  • He/she shall be available for duty at all times in case of special need or emergency, and will respond punctually to all duties assigned.
  • He/she shall use every legal means available to detect and solve crime and prosecute offenders.
  • He/she shall assist other deputies and personnel in the investigation of crime, apprehension and prosecution of offenders, and the recovery of property.
  • He/she shall possess considerable knowledge of controlling laws, ordinances, and rules pertaining to the operation of his/her area of responsibility.
  • He/she shall learn the rules of evidence and court procedures and develop skills which will enable him to be an effective witness.
  • He/she shall keep detailed reports of his/her investigations and promptly execute all required reports.
  • He/she shall communicate information to other police personnel concerning crime, criminals or suspects for property coordination of efforts.
  • He/she shall cooperate actively with prosecutors to prepare all cases for trial.
  • He/she shall maintain good relationships with other law enforcement agencies satisfying their requests and improving his/.her sources of aid and information.
  • Investigators shall report directly to the Chief Deputy and Sheriff.