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Perry County Sheriff's Office

Narcotics Division

Through the use of information provided by informants and concerned citizens as well as investigations conducted by assigned detectives, this unit conducts operations which result in the arrest of drug dealers on the street as well as the execution of search warrants where drug dealers live, store, and sell narcotics. This unit also seizes assets obtained by drug dealers through the sale of illegal drugs, helping make the narcotics unit self-sustaining. Within the Enforcement Team, specialized detectives utilizing certified narcotics canines interdict shipments of illegal narcotics as they are processed at local freight hubs.

Task Forces

The Perry County Sheriff's Office has officers assigned to the following task forces: Project Safe Neighborhoods, FBI Safe Streets, and the DEA Task Force.

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN)

The PSN Task Force members screen and investigate armed, violent, and recidivist criminals for possible federal prosecution with special emphasis on reviewing cases for possible prosecution. One criteria for reviewing a case for possible adoption and prosecution is the defendant must have a prior violent felony conviction, with the current arrest being that of a violent crime with a weapon.

FBI Safe Streets Task Force

The FBI Safe Streets Task Force’s mission is to vigorously attack violent crime and the causes of violent crime committed by either adult and/or juvenile offenders through a coordinated effort among federal, state, and local authorities.

DEA Task Force

The DEA has a resident office located in Linden, Perry County, Tennessee. Within this office, the task force investigates large-scale interstate drug trafficking organizations (DTO) that operate in and around West Tennessee and the surrounding areas.

Tips or Complaints?

Call the Sheriff's Office
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