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Perry County Sheriff's Office

Chief Deputy Job Description

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The purpose of this General Order is to establish guidelines regarding the authority, duties, and responsibilities of Chief Deputy of the Perry County Sheriff's Office (PCSO).


This General Order and the authority designated hereby shall apply to those persons appointed as the Chief Deputy in the PCSO.


The Chief Deputy Sheriff is appointed by the Sheriff and is charged with the responsibility of the general management  and control of the Sheriff's Office.  The Chief Deputy is vested with the authority to act in the name of the Sheriff in his absence.


A.  Responsibilities

  1. Serve on the Command Staff of the Sheriff's Office
  2. Protect life and property
  3. Prevent and suppress criminal activity
  4. Apprehend violators of the law
  5. Preserve public peace and order
  6. Assume the day-to-day operation of the PCSO
  7. Assist in the budget preparations of the PCSO.

B.  Duties and Responsibilities

Chief Deputy shall:

  1. Serve in Command Staff meetings in order to provide, gain and properly disseminate pertinent information relating to the mission of the PCSO.
  2. Develops departmental long and short term goals, objectives and plans.
  3. Interviews and makes recommendations regarding the hiring, promotion, training, transfer, performance evaluation and discipline of employees of the PCSO.
  4. Assist in the research and formulation of policies and procedures.
  5. Assist the Sheriff in the performance of the administrative activities for the Office including records, payroll, staffing, budgeting, and purchasing.
  6. Directs investigations of crimes, suspected crimes, accidents, and related incidents.
  7. Directs the patrolling of the roads and streets of the county, places of business, and residential districts enforcing federal, state, city and county laws and regulations.
  8. Inspects personnel and equipment.
  9. Receive and take appropriate action on citizen complaints of any matter brought to his attention.,
  10. Maintain communications with investigators, deputies and correctional officers to ensure continuity of information and departmental action.
  11. Ensure that all requests for law enforcement services and handled in a prompt, courteous and efficient manner.
  12. Assume primary command and direction of major incidents and crimes, and notify appropriate personnel.
  13. Review all accident reports involving departmental personnel assigned to the PCSO and take appropriate action as dictated by PCSO policy and procedures.
  14. Review all disciplinary hearings of Sheriff's Office personnel and determine disciplinary action that should be taken.
  15. Recognize outstanding employee performance and insuring proper recognition.
  16. Strive to improve working conditions and assignments for maximum efficiency and moral.
  17. Maintain a good relationship with other federal, state, county and city law enforcement agencies and departments in an attempt to satisfy their requests and to improve his sources through cooperation.
  18. Diligently enforce the observance of high ethical standards in the performance and conduct of employees and provide an example to subordinates through his actions.
  19. Attends meetings as appropriate.



  1. Meet Tennessee Peace Officers Standards and Training Commission minimum standards for a law enforcement officer.
  2. Any equivalent combination of experience and training that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities of this position.