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Perry County Sheriff's Office

Inmate FAQs

If this is the first time someone has been arrested in your family or among your friends, you will have many questions, not the least are some of the following frequently asked questions. 

If this list doesn't cover your question, please call the office and ask to speak with an officer familiar with the case.  


The Jail is located at the same address as the Sheriff's Office, 582 Bethel Rd., Linden.  You enter the front door of the Sheriff's Office and check in at the front desk.


Family members may bring inmates three (3) each:

    • White underwear
    • White/Orange T-shirts.  No writing on the shirt.
    • White socks
    • (Female) White bra, preferably sports bra.  NO WIRE! 

All hygiene and food items are to be ordered through the commissary company, and this requires money to be deposited to the inmate's account.  The machines in the lobby are for this purpose.  

COMMISSARY STORE - click here to learn more about the purpose and intent of the Commissary Store.

INMATE DEPOSITS - click here to learn more about Inmate Deposits and what the funds are used for.


There is no exact time. Many factors must be considered. Persons must be fingerprinted, photos taken, warrant checks done, processed through N.C.I.C., checked by medical etc. The AVERAGE processing time is less than two hours. However, actual release time may be 3 to 6 hours after the release is ordered.


A private company handles this service. There are kiosks in the visitation lobby that accept cash and credit cards. However, the lobby is currently locked down due to COVID restrictions.  Call if you need assistance, (931) 589-8803. 

You can learn more about the service by visiting the page in our website that refers to all financial deposits for an inmate:  How to Make a Commissary Deposit.  You can also click this link, JAILATM.COM, and create an account to send funds electronically.  Money may be put in an inmate's commissary account between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. seven days a week. A maximum of $200.00 may be left in a one week period, CURRENCY ONLY.  Checks are not accepted.  


Clothing for court appearances may be brought to the main lobby of the Jail  at 582 Bethel Rd. We accept clothes 24 hours a day seven days a week. Court clothing must be conservative. Tennis shoes will NOT be accepted. Inappropriate clothing for court appearances will NOT be accepted (shorts, pants with multiple zippers, etc.).


The 24-Hour Court Clerk’s office is also located in the Jail Annex visitation area. You may post a cash bond or use the services of a licensed bonding company of your choice. The Perry County Sheriff’s Office does NOT make recommendations as to which bonding company you use.  Click on the following link to view or download the complete list of bondsmen companies approved for Perry County:

pdfBail bondsmen approved for Perry County


Any inmate may release his property to anyone. The inmate must initiate the request. The inmate may request a “property release form” from the pod Officer. The completed form is then sent to Aramark’s office in the Annex visitation area. When proper I.D. is presented, the property may be released. Property may NOT be released if the property is part of evidence or if Law Enforcement Officers have placed a “hold” on the property.


Address the letter to:

The inmate’s full name
Booking number
Floor and pod where housed, if known
582 Bethel Rd.
Linden, TN 37096

All letters sent in to inmates must have a complete return address on them. Books (soft back) or magazines must come directly from the publisher(s).


The Perry County Jail has its own Food Service kitchen that is manned by inmates under the supervision of a food director, and  three meals a day are prepared daily for the inmate population. A State Certified Dietician, who verifies the menu provides the daily caloric intake as specified by State Law, approves the menu. Should the inmates desire additional items, they may be purchased through the contract Inmate Commissary.


At the current time all incoming inmates are placed in quarantine for 10 to 14 days before placement in the General Housing area.  The Perry County Jail has a Contract Medical provider,  who provides 24 hour a day medical care and has a Medical Doctor (MD) and Physician’s Assistant on duty and/or on call for emergency situations.  Any questions concerning medical issues should be addressed to Jail Information at 931.589.8803.


This information may be found by calling (931) 589-8803 and asking for Jail Information 24 hours a day to find out all charges, bond amounts and any court dates that may be pending.


You may speak to the Corrections Deputy or CDO in charge of the facility, or you may speak to the Chaplain at Jail Information, (931) 589-8803. Normally, we will have a chaplain accompany us to relay this information to the inmate. When you call, all necessary information will need to be collected. This will include the name, relation to the inmate, and other factual information.


The jail is not open to visitors at this time, due to COVID-19 restrictions.  However, once the jail has been reopened to visitation, you can visit the following page to read all the details pertaining to visitors:
 Jail Visitation.


If a  juvenile has committed a felony, he is house at the Perry County Jail, in isolation and not integrated into the general population for his own safety.  If the charge is not a felony, then the juvenile is sent to Rutherford or Williamson County for incarceration.  You will need to contact the jail in those counties to see where they are and what the visitation rules are.