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Perry County Sheriff Nick Weems

Sheriff Nick WeemsSheriff Nick Weems has been the sheriff for Perry County ever since he took over when Sheriff Hickerson, the previous sheriff, passed away in 2015. 

Nick then stood for office in August 2016, and won handily.  Nick has proven to be an agressive and hardworking sheriff who takes his job seriously, with compassion when called for and agressive when that is what is needed too. 

When he took office, he made himself a promise he would make one major project happen.  One of those promises was to create the best shooting range he could.  It went from some barrels with targets pinned on them, to a fully functional shooting range that is the envy of the counties around here.  In fact, so much so that other agencies come here to meet their qualifying shoots for their positions.  There is a handicap shooting bench, shooting targets with robotics and moving targets.  It isn't easy, but then Sheriff Weems only wants the best.  Each officer must qualify twice a year.

He has created a trustee program that keeps men busy and productive.  The PCSO has a wood workshop where the inmates have learned how to make furniture, guitars, and even arrowheads!  In addition, trustees are the work crews you see along the highways picking up litter... litter that shouldn't be there in the first place.  Trustees cut the grass at cemetaries where there is no budget and no one left to care for their ancesters.  They will tell you this is the best jail they could be at.  

Sheriff Weems is married to Rosanna Weems, whom he met when...

Sheriff Weems is a shining star in Perry County, we all appreciate the fine job he has done and continues to do for everyone.  He has a kind heart, and gives of his time to get the job done.