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Perry County Sheriff's Office

Community Service: Cemetery Maintenance

  • Sheriff Nick Weems from Facebook on June 1 and June 7, 2022

As a child, I can remember going to our annual family cemetery decoration. My father, my grandmother, her brother,sister and others would sing from a an old red-back hymnal. Everyone gathered under the old shade trees, sang along, and renewed old connections. There were a lot of tales told about those who had passed on.

That old flat top guitar my grandma would strum wasn’t in tune, but nobody cared. A collection plate was passed around the crowd to collect funding for the maintenance and upkeep of the cemetery. People gave generously, because they wanted their family members final resting place to be taken care of. Shortly after the singing and a short message, we would all get full on southern fried chicken, casseroles, pies, cakes and family. These were good times.

Sadly, This is now almost a by gone era and has been for many years.

When I was elected Sheriff in 2016, the Perry County Jail inmates were mowing around 40 graveyards in Perry County. We maintained our compound, the skeet range, the Coon Hunters Club, NYX, the Health Department, the Linden Head Start, Iron Furnace and Perry County Courthouse. This service was started with intentions of helping our trusties give back to the community while helping our citizens. Our goal, as always, is to try and help supplement community cemeteries that had little to no funds.

Over the last 6 years we have grown to over 90 cemeteries, along with the before-mentioned county and city properties. TDOT terminated their mowing program due to covid and has never started back. So we picked up the ones they were mowing as well, just to help out. This inmate program can not keep up with the demands or sustain the large number of said cemeteries, county property and all the other inmate programs we have going, that saves this community thousands upon thousands of dollars each year. It’s sad to say, that some have even complained about the free service that we provide, when we get behind due to weather or maintenance issues.

I’ve worked diligently as your Sheriff to try to accommodate anyone that ask for assistance, but it has became downright impossible to do so. The issue that I have encountered county wide, is that there are some cemeteries that are being funded by only a select few family members, while other members, that are financially able, choose not to donate to the overseer at all.

Unfortunately, as of this date, our program can no longer take on any other cemeteries to maintain. The mowing program will commit to mowing once a month of each cemetery on our list that provides donations, gasoline, oil, twine, etc. This should help ease the financial burden and supplement each cemetery on our list.

I encourage all the families of all the cemeteries to come together and donate funding to the overseerer for maintenance and upkeep of their loved ones' final resting place. This funding will be needed so the overseerer can pay for services to maintain the grounds once a month as well. Who knows, maybe we will even get back under that old shade tree with some sweet tea, fried chicken, and revisit some long lost relatives.

Many have asked who they should donate funding to, for their family cemetery. Below is a list that we have had at the Sheriffs Office. If you wish to donate for the upkeep of your loved ones burial sites, please contact the overseer of your cemetery below.

If you see a ? Beside one of the names, that means we don’t know as well. If anyone knows, please in the thread and I will update. Thanks to all who help!

[If anyone sees a missing name or change of contact person, please email webmaster so the list in this article can be kept current.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]

Sheriff Nick Weems

Alberson ?
Ary -Randy Hickerson
Bee Creek -Dorothy Groom
Bethel Church/Cemetery -Glenn/Ann Mercer
Bible Hill -Dale Long
Bone Spring ?
Britts Chapel -Jessie Ruth Tiller
Broadway -Frelon Howell
Bunch -Kim Carter
Burns Hill -Thomas Trull
Chestnut Grove -Roy/Judy Kilpatrick
Church Hill -Jerry Barber
Cotton/Barham -Faye Averett
Craig -Gwen Murdock
Cude ?
Curry -Sheila Niece
Dabbs/Rock House -Era Nell Pevahouse
Dean -John Carroll
Dennison Landing -Johnny Coble
Dickson-Blackburn ?
Duncan-Short Creek -Nora Johnston
Flatwood’s Cemetery -Glenda James
Flatwood’s Church of Christ -Glenda James

Flatwood’s Methodist Church Jerry Webster
Godwin -Martha Ruth Edwards
Goshwin -LouiseDuncan
Graves -Ted/Kenny Graves
Harder-cedar creek -Darlos Howell
Harder-Rockhouse -Shelby Harder
Hickerson -Era Nell Pevahouse
Hinson -Herbert Hinson
Holder -Loretta/Walton Holder
Holt ?
Howard -Marie Howard
Howell/White Oak - Darlene Carroll
Hunt Hill -O’Neil Parrish
Kirk/Young -David Young
Kittrell -Historical Society
Leeper -Peggy Reece
Moore -Janet Marshall
Moore/Cedar Creek ?
Mount Auburn - Janna Liles O'Neal
Nix -Johnny Heath
Pinkney Tomb -Jessie Ruth Tiller
Poplin Hollow -Lanell Carter
Qualls -Donna Roberts
Qualls/Barber -Johnny Coble
Rainey -Sharon Horner

Robert’s Chapel ?
Sanders -Doug Sanders
Shepards ?
Simmons -Nancy Doyle
Smith ?
Spain ?
Standing Rock -Loretta and Walton Holder
Starbuck -Jessie Tiller
Stevens -Louise Duncan
Strickland -Johnny Strickland
Swindle Creek - Janet Marshall
Tinin -Ruby/ Herbert Hinson
Treadwell/Woodsprong -Tom Culp
W.H. Warren ?
Ward/Peace -Johnny Ward/Jackie Duncan
Warren ?
Weems -Edith Weems
Westside ?
Whitewell Chapel -Wally Westbrooks
Young -David Young