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Who can visit an inmate at the PCSO Jail?

Like all other prison facilities there are rules and regulations about visitation.  A visitor must be aware of all of them.    

The first step at PCSO is to get on the inmate's visitation list.  A visitor must be listed by the inmate, and then the potential visitor must be vetted.  They must read the rules and regulations about visitation, to follow the rules, and to be aware that visitation privileges can be revoked at the discretion of the PCSO Jail at their discretion if any of the rules and regulations are not adhered to. 

Visitation is to encourage family contact and to provide associations which will be beneficial to the inmate's overall adjustment.  Inmates are permitted to designate six (6) visitors whose information will be recorded on an Inmate Visitation List and forwarded to the jail.  If the inmate has not completed the form, the visitor will be denied visitation.  Inmates are permitted up to two visitors at one time. 

The visitation room is actually a booth with three stools on each side, with a plexiglass divider between the visitors and the prisoners.  There are what appear to be the old pay phones on either side of the plexiglass divider to do your talking, and space is tight, but this is a no-contact visitation room.  

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