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Visitation Rules & Regulations



Visiting Applications and Rules for Visiting an Inmate

It has been acknowledged the importance of visitation and how it can positively influence the inmate's rehabilitation.  Offenders who have more visitors are likely to have a strong support network available to them when they discharge from prison.  Visitors are often discouraged when it comes to visiting a prison because they are unsure of the process and where to start.  

Visitation is to encourage family contact and to provide associations which will be beneficial to the inmate's overall adjustment.  Inmates are permitted to designate six (6) visitors whose information will be recorded on an Inmate Visitation List and forwarded to the jail.  If the inmate has not completed the form, the visitor will be denied visitation.  The inmate is allowed to change the visitation list only one time per incarceration.  Inmates are permitted up to two visitors at one time. 

It is the inmate's responsibility to notify their visitors of the following rules and regulations of visitation:

  1. Juvenile visitors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult, parent, or legal guardian and must be on the visitation list.  Proof will be required, juvenile visitors 0-14 years of age must provide a state birth certificate with seal; 15-18 years of age must show a valid State ID card or driver's license.  One adult, one child.  Handheld infant will not count as a single visitor.

  2. All adult visitors must have a driver's license, or a State approved ID card with a picture of the bearer, current address and date of birth.  No other form of ID will be accepted.

  3. Visitors' personal property will be secured in their vehicle.

  4. All visitors are subject to search.  Introduction of contraband into a Correctional Facility is a felony.

  5. Personal property will not be accepted during visitation.

  6. Visitors must conduct themselves in an orderly manner.  Persons who are unruly or uncooperative will be asked to leave the facility.  Visitors are equally responsible for their children.  Children will not be left in the lobby without adult supervision.  If children become unruly, the visitor will be asked to leave.

  7. If a visitor must leave the visiting area for any reason, he/she will not be readmitted until the next visiting day.

  8. Visitors' dress must be conservative and not revealing.  Tank tops, spandex clothing, coats, concealing jackets, skirts, shorts, skorts and dresses more than three inches above the knee are not permitted. 

    Final authority rests with the staff in what is determined appropriate attire.

  9. No contact visits are permitted under any circumstances without permission of the Jail Administrator.

  10. The Jail Administrator will approve all special visitation, i.e. date and time of visit.  Only one special visit will be granted and only under extenuating circumstances.

  11. There will be no smoking or gum chewing in the visitation booth (tobacco products are strictly prohibited from entering the facility).  Any violation of this rule will result in the loss of visitation for the inmate.

  12. There are times when access to the facility will be denied for security reasons.  This is when deputies are conducting security counts and are busy with inmate meals.

  13. Visitation is limited to a one-hour visit per week.  This is subject to change in the future.  Visitation appointments are made one to five days in advance.  Saturday and Sunday are the visitation days for the inmates.  Saturday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for A-pod and B-pod.  Sunday 11:00 am to 4:00 pm for C-pod and D-pod.  The days and times for visitation are posted in the housing units.  Visitors may obtain transportation to the Perry County Jail Facilities via their own means.

If you have any questions about these visitation rules, be sure to get it resolved BEFORE you arrive.


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