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Perry County Sheriff's Office

Thank you, Chief Rosson

Bart RossonMany years ago, I had the pleasure of starting my law enforcement career alongside a young man whom was considered by some as a prankster in school.  This young man that I speak of once reversed a prank I had played on him and me believe, at the age of 16, that I owed him a new engine for his jeep.  I was terrified.  I've watched this young man, over the years, become a great man who is respected for the way he treats people in his role as a police officer.  Yes, of course this man has flaws and is by no means perfect, but who is?  This man is not a big man, but has a heart and inside that big heart, is a lot of courage.  I've never had to wonder if this man has my back or by my side in a bad situation.  We've all heard the expression "I've got your six."  I will go one step further and say this man has always had my whole clock.  If I needed him by my side, watching my back, or out in front, he has always done so, without question.  I chose this man as my Chief and have no regrets.  I've always had a more stern approach in management, which isn't always the right approach.  This man combats this flaw in me as he has a softer way, which is sometimes needed.  Together we make, what I'd like to think, as the perfect duo.  Thank you for your service, Bart Rosson, to me, the Sheriff's Office and Perry County.

Sheriff Nick Weems