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School Resource Officers

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Sex Offender Registration FAQ

Sex Offender Registration FAQ

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Patrol Division

Patrol Division

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K-9 Unit

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Special Response Team

The Sheriff’s S.R.T. Team responds to tactical situations that are deemed high risk and/or require specialized training, expertise, and equipment. This the same as a S.W.A.T. team, just the name is different.  The team’s ultimate goal is a non-violent resolution to each deployment.   They also provide tactical support for other divisions within the Sheriff’s Office, as well as other agencies. The team strives to maintain the highest level of readiness through extensive training and preparedness.

In addition, members of the S.R.T. Team are required to maintain the highest standard of physical fitness, and firearms training. New members are required to have two years patrol experience, pass the S.R.T. Team physical fitness test, and score a 95 or better on the P.O.S.T. firearms course to even be considered. The applicant must successfully complete a four-week basic/advanced S.R.T. School. The team presently has 14 full time members who are PCSO personnel and reserve deputies.  These are the men and women who run to, not away from the worst of the worst in law enforcement.  

SRT TeamSpecial Response Team
Standing, left to right: Deputy Mike Stockstill, Deputy Randy Powell, Sheriff Nick Weems, Investigator Rosanna Weems, Lt. Gottfried Koblitz, Deputy Daniel Courter
Kneeling, left to right: Deputy Chris Donegan, Reserve Deputy Ethan Morgan, Reserve Deputy Marc Mosher, Captain of Reserves J. Rex Donaldson, School Resource Officer Joe Donaldson, Deputy Aaron Courter, Courthouse Security Officer Stacy Blankenship

SRT completes a twice-monthly training program where all aspects of tactical responses are prepared for.  The topics trained and achieved include; hostage situations, barricaded persons, high risk drug warrants, high risk arrest warrants, search and rescue, surveillance operations, terrorists threats and attacks, threatened suicide intervention and personal security.

special response team patch 300x405Through the formation and training regiments of the SRT each operator has achieved a level of training with specific tools and tactics to combat numerous incidents within Perry County.   This operational unit has provided Perry County law enforcement agencies a tool that can safely negotiate and address a rapidly evolving situation with a level of safety that Perry County has not previously been afforded.

Members of SRT are on a volunteer assignment above other duties assigned within each operator’s specific agency.  Members undergo an extensive training program and are placed into a probationary status for shadowing team operations prior to being placed in an active status on the team.   This process usually takes six months of training and apprenticeship prior to actual team operations.  Once an operator is approved for team functions they will receive on-going training, which is approximately 500 hours for each team member.  This training will cover all aspects of team functions, including firearms, building and room entry, special tools, distraction devices, less-lethal options, tactical vehicle operations and other aspects.

SRT also has a four-man element that is tasked with counter-sniper operations and providing scout capable over-watch to team elements and operations.   These highly trained marksmen have duties that provide long distance scouting options that can provide team and command staff information to an incident without putting any person in immediate harms way.

Specify times the SRT team has been utilized and what they have done.

With these tasks SRT units stand ready for incidents that may arise within all jurisdictions inside Perry County and providing a level of safety to citizens and law enforcement at a professional and expert level.

Examples of some of the deployments of S.R.T. are:

  • High Risk Warrant Service
  • Barricaded Suspects
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Extraordinary/Rapid Deployment
  • VIP/Dignitary Protection
  • High risk prisoner transport
  • Court Security/High-risk trials
  • Civil Disturbances
  • Jail Riots
  • Man tracking (Escapees)


Bomb Squad - Mission

The Bomb Squad will render safe and/or remove suspected improvised explosive devices, incendiary devices, explosives, explosive chemicals (as currently defined by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) pyrotechnics and ammunition.

The Bomb Squad provides for legal, proper and safe transportation, disposal and/or storage of explosives and other referred to above, and conducts post blast crime scene investigations, collects and preserves evidence and provides technical support to special operations.